Cheesecake – Fast Fiction ~Title by “ChibiMaster”~

Cheesecake – Fast Fiction ~Title by “ChibiMaster”~

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned. “What’s that heavenly smell?”
“Cheesecake,” laughed Sam. “I need to take them out of the oven in a few minutes.”
“Ooooh. Yeah? Can I have some,” she asked, licking her lips.
Sam twirled his finger in her hair that set on her shoulders, a teasing smile spread across his lips. “Oh, I don’t know,” he replied. “Have you been good enough to get some?”
“Oh yes,” she said, laughing. “I’m always a good girl, and you know it!”
Sam laughed again and pulled his fingers away, letting her silky hair slide down and fall to her shoulder again. Turning, he walked to the doorway and smiled back at the girl. As she smiled at him and he returned it he couldn’t help but wonder how he ended up here. Here was the girl of his dreams, his best friend, and she finally seemed to be warming up to him as something more than that. He quickly moved through the door and heard her settle into the couch. The squeaky springs groaned under her and she giggled a bit and bounced, just like she always did when the couch objected to being sat on. Chuckling quietly to himself he walked down the small hallway to the kitchen, the smell of freshly baked cheesecake filling his nose. He took a moment to find his oven mitts once they were on, he opened the oven and felt the hot air wash over him. He reached in and pulled out each pan of cheesecake carefully, and set them down on the stove top. Closing the oven with his leg, he leaned over and caught the temperature dial with his mitted hand and turned off the oven as well. He leaned over the steaming cakes, enjoying the smell of them. Alyssa would love it. Sliding the oven mitts off and dropping them on the counter he reached for the fridge door. He had cleaned the fridge for the cakes this morning just after he got them into the oven. Even though you’re supposed to let them cool before putting them in the fridge, he knew he’d have to cool at least one faster than that. He looked to see that the fridge was just as he left it, and sliding one mitt back on, he picked up one of the cakes and put it in to the open spot.
“Hey Alyssa! What kind of fruit do you want on your cheesecake? I have cherries, pineapple, blueberries, strawberries, and something else i can’t recognize.”
“Oh… I don’t know Sam, whatever you’re having on yours.”
“Well, would you like a glass of milk to go with it?”
He could hear Alyssa laughing as she came down the hall toward him, her footfalls sounding as if she were skipping. She skidded to a halt in the doorway and smiled at him with her dazzling smile.
“Do you think I could get chocolate milk,” she asked, an impish smile playing across her lips. “Please, oh PLEASE Sam?”
“Of course darling,” Sam replied, and began to mix up her milk in a tall glass.
“You’re the bestest Sammy!”
“Yeah, I know.” Sam grinned at Alyssa and handed her the large glass of chocolate milk and walked to the breakfast nook table to pull a chair out for her. She walked over and sat and he ran his hand over her hair as he walked back into the kitchen and cooling cheesecakes.
“I think I’m in the mood for cherries today Alyssa, but I’ll bring the chocolate sauce for you just in case.”
“Splendiferous! Can I help with anything,” Alyssa asked.
“Nope, you stay right where you are. I’m treating you.” Sam walked to the table and set down a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup and a bowl of cherry pie filling. The he moved back to the refrigerator and pulled out the cheesecake.
“Well, here it is,” Sam said, pulling off the side of the spring form pan and setting it on the counter. He carried the cheesecake over and set it on the table and turned back to get plates, forks and a serving knife to cut the cake. When he turned back around he saw Alyssa picking at the side closest to her, pulling off a chunk and slipping it in her mouth. Her eyes closed and she moaned again.
“You’re the bestest Sammy,” she said around her fingers.
All Sam could do was smile.


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