The Great Chase – Fast fiction ~written before names were recorded~

The Great Chase – Fast fiction

“Oh God… not again,” she moaned. Her heart was in her throat and she could hardly breathe. Behind her was a groaning, growling sound. The kind of sound that makes your blood freeze in your veins, but she kept on running. Each time her foot hit the ground, propelling her forward, each time she sucked in another raspy breath, she could feel that THING getting closer and closer to her. She sketched out a hasty prayer in her head, and leaned down to push her just a tiny bit faster.
She could feel her legs trying to give up on her, and just as she thought she would have to stop she tripped. She flew into the air, going head over heels, landing and rolling to a battered and bruised stop. The chilling noise was closer now, and it seemed to be almost excited. She pulled herself up to her feet and began limping, seeing one of her shoes ahead of her she trotted gingerly to it and slipped it back on, pulling it tight again and limped faster. She knew she couldn’t keep up the pace she was going, but she had to try. She could see where she needed to go, it was so close, but at this rate it was too far.
“Please,” she begged to the sky. “Please, please don’t let it end like this…. PLEASE.” Her last word swallowed by an ear-splitting shriek and roar almost directly behind her. Gritting her teeth, lowering her head, and balling up her fists as if she would punch the pain; she took off running again. She knew that if she turned around it would be the end so she ran. Pain shot down her left leg and it felt like the leg was going to shatter or fall off, and the pain in her chest was so incredible that her breaths came in short liquid gasps. She felt as if she were dieing, but she pushed on. This great chase, her life, everything was at stake. The pain intensified, and she wanted to lay down, to give up, tears poured down her cheeks and she coughed up blood as she limped forward at an achingly slow pace. The beast behind her bellowed again, and salvation was close, but too far. She stumbled then, falling to the ground, wrapping her arms around her wounded leg, coughing and spitting and gasping. She looked up, the sky the same color as her eyes, and stared at it, at the clouds above her.
“I’m sorry,” she croaked, her face wet with tears and blood. She closed her eyes so that when the beast came into sight she wouldn’t have to see it, to die with fear not only in her heart but in her eyes. The world went dark, and the pain faded, and all she could think was that death was less painful or scary than she thought it would be. The silence filled her head and she passed into darkness where not even her thoughts could find her.


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